Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious injuries. If a property owner creates or ignores a dangerous condition, they can be found responsible for your injuries. They can be debilitating to your work, social and private life.

See Proving Fault in Personal Injury Cases: General Rules for more information. Precautions include anti-slip floors with a level and dry surface. Slip and falls can lead to neck and back injuries or wrongful death. Our injury attorneys will seek compensation under Oregon law to pay your medical bills and recover your quality of life.

Common areas for slips and falls

slip and fall warning sign

‌• Alcohol impairment
‌• Oily Surfaces
‌• Steep Ramps
‌• Cluttered hallways
‌• Areas with heavy traffic
‌• Uneven surfaces
‌• Areas prone to wetness or spills
‌• Unguarded heights
‌• Unstable work surfaces
‌• Ladders
‌• Stairs

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