Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back injuries can be life-changing. Damage ranges from a minor strain in your neck to paralysis of the spinal cord. Neck and back injuries can be the result of slip and falls, auto accidents, work injuries, bicycle accidents or pedestrian accidents.

The spine is divided into three areas; the cervical (neck area), thoracic (mid back) and the lumbar (lower back). Injuries can come in many forms. These include herniated discs, spinal fractures, whiplash, neck sprains and nerve irritations. People 65 and older are more susceptible to spinal fracture with about 1/3 of seniors falling per year. These injuries can lead people to experience long-term pain, loss of flexibility, bulging discs and paralysis. Neck and back pain effects your professional and social life.

man with neck pain after an auto accident

Common neck & back injuries

‌• Compression fractures
‌• Spinal cord injuries
‌• Whiplash
‌• Slipped or herniated discs
‌• Sciatica
‌• Neck sprains
‌• Back strains
‌• Nerve irritation and impingement

Working with a neck or back injury can be unsafe. Our attorneys will help recover lost wages caused by an injury. We can help you recover the cost of your medical bills, lost income and obtain compensation for pain and suffering. We have helped hundreds of Oregon residents and know personal injury and workers’ compensation law.

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