Shoulder Injuries

A shoulder injury can cause serious debilitation to your entire arm’s movement. People acquire shoulder injuries from work and traffic accidents, slips and falls and other mishaps. Approximately 7.5 million people in the United States visit the doctor every year due to a shoulder injury. More than 4 million are injuries to the rotator cuff.

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photo of a shoulder injury, red and inflamed

Types of shoulder injuries

Shoulder injuries are grouped into two areas: impingement and instability. Both are typically painful and prevent people from usual activities. Seeking medical attention is imperative. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reports on shoulder pain; there are warning signs that your shoulder pain could be a serious injury.

Warning signs of a serious shoulder injury include:

‌• Stiff shoulder blade that does not move in the normal positions
‌• Shoulder that feels loose in the joint and could easily pop or slip out
‌• Lack of strength to carry out daily activities


Impingement is repetitive rubbing of the shoulder muscles on top of the shoulder blade. The shoulder is aggravated, causing serious damage like bone degeneration and muscle tears. Impingement often occurs in physically strenuous job positions.


Instability is when the socket is dislocated from the shoulder joint. Many victims of car accidents, slips and falls and other serious accidents experience instability. Instability injuries can cause loss of strength and flexibility.

Working with Doctors

An orthopedic surgeon can help determine the severity of your pain. Many people ignore the pain which only makes the injury worse. Most problems involve the muscles, tendons and ligaments rather than the bones. The rotator cuff is composed of the muscles and tendons that hold the shoulder together. Heavy pulling, lifting or pushing can cause strain to the rotator cuff which has trouble supporting the harsh movements.

Unfortunately, doctor’s bills can be expensive and a shoulder injury may cause lost time at work, therefore wage loss. Your employer or the party who caused the injury should be responsible for your medical bills.

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