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Bailey & Yarmo, LLP helps Klamath Falls’ injured residents receive workers’ compensation and personal injury settlements. Our attorneys can obtain Klamath Falls residents past and future medical bills, lost wages and money for pain and suffering. The most common injuries include auto accident, back and neck pain, wrongful death, and work injury. These injuries can be extremely debilitating.

Our Legal Process

Injuries can affect your professional and personal life. Our injury attorneys have helped many people receive settlements to cover lost wages and return to work quickly. See the workers’ compensation or personal injury page for more information. The law determines how long you have to file the claim. Our attorneys know Oregon law and can file your claim for you. We can help Klamath Falls residents receive a lump-sum or series of payments. Our settlements apply to temporary and permanent disability.

What Are You Entitled To?

‌• Medicine and medical treatment to rehabilitate

‌• Compensation to pay your past and future medical bills

‌• Diagnostic procedures to find the cause of the injury

‌• Permanent Disability or ‌Temporary Disability benefits

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