If you think there is a problem with your claim you are probably right

If You Think There is a Problem With Your Claim You Are Probably Right

If the insurance company denies medical treatment or is dragging their feet before approving treatment, it is usually an indication that the insurance company is trying to limit your workers’ compensation benefits.  This could be an indication of a big problems with getting what you deserve from your claim.  The general rule of thumb is “if you think they are messing with you, you are probably right.”  We are happy to discuss these issues with you and advise you how to solve these problems.  Our firm specializes in workers’ compensation and personal injury law.  We are usually able to identify the problem and the potential solutions during a free consultation.  From there, we go to work solving your claims issues and getting a settlement that you deserve.  Consultations and phone calls are always free and there are no legal fees unless we win your claim.