Bike Accidents

Oregon road safety laws enable bikers to travel safely across town. Nevertheless, bike accidents occur due to road construction, drunk drivers and drivers with other visual or mental impairments.

If you have suffered a serious bicycle accident, you need an experienced attorney to fight insurance companies. The Law Offices of Bailey and Yarmo, LLP evaluates your bike accident for financial compensation, and pain and suffering. Our Oregon bike injury attorneys can obtain compensation for your medical costs, loss of wages and emotional trauma.


Understanding Oregon Bicycle Laws

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In 2011, Oregon reported 962 bike accidents with 15 fatalities and 928 injuries. General guidelines were created to prevent car and bike collisions.

There are many misconceptions over Oregon’s bike safety laws, including who is at fault. We have an in-depth understanding and can get to the bottom of your accident. If you were violating a traffic law when you were hit by the car, you are not necessarily at fault for the traffic accident.

Our experienced attorneys thoroughly evaluate the nature of every case and get you the settlement that you deserve.

Safety Principles for Bikers

‌• Be visible and ride alertly.
‌• Maintain control of your bicycle. ‌
‌• Protect yourself: wear a helmet to reduce the risk of head injury.
• Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
‌• Ride of the right with traffic with a predictable manner.

Find ODOT’s Bicyclist Manual here.

Automobile Laws

‌• Don’t drive in the bike lane unless turning.
‌• Do not honk at a bicyclist unless you have good reason to warn the rider over a hazard.
‌• Pass bikers to the left only when there is a sufficient amount of room to pass safely.
‌• Yield to bikers in bike lane or on sidewalk before turning.

Find ODOT’s Oregon Driver Manual 2016-17 here.

Where to Begin

You can find a greater description of traffic safety laws in the 2016-17 Oregon Driver’s Manual and The Oregon Bicyclist Manual. These booklets were prepared to help automobile drivers and bikers travel cohesively on the road. Traffic regulation vary per state.

We follow Oregon traffic safety laws to earn settlements for bike injuries. Accidents may occur from a left hook, right hook, door prize, cross-walk collision, wrong-way accidents and more. Each fatality is treated meticulously to get your medical bills paid and rehabilitate from your injury. Our experienced attorneys know Oregon traffic safety law.

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